magni.cs.reconstruction.iht._config moduleΒΆ

Module providing configuration options for the magni.cs.reconstruction.iht subpackage.

See also

The Configger class used


This module instantiates the Configger class provided by magni.utils.config. The configuration options are the following:

iterations : int
The maximum number of iterations to do (the default is 300).
kappa_fixed : float
The relaxation parameter used in the algorithm (the default is 0.65).
precision_float : {np.float, np.float16, np.float32, np.float64, np.float128}
The floating point precision used for the computations (the default is np.float64).
threshold : {‘far’, ‘oracle’}
The method for selecting the threshold value.
threshold_fixed : float
The assumed rho value used for selecting the threshold value if using the oracle method.
tolerance : float
The least acceptable ratio of residual to measurements (in 2-norm) to break the interations (the default is 0.001).