magni.cs.reconstruction._config module

Module providing a CS reconstruction algorithm adapted configger subclass.

Routine listings

Provide functionality to access a set of configuration options.


This module does not itself contain any configuration options and thus has no access to any configuration options unlike the other config modules of magni.

class magni.cs.reconstruction._config.Configger(params, valids)[source]

Bases: magni.utils.config.Configger

Provide functionality to access a set of configuration options.

The present class redefines the methods for retrieving configuration parameters in order to ensure the desired precision of the floating point parameter values.

  • params (dict) – The configuration options and their default values.
  • valids (dict) – The validation schemes of the configuration options.

See also

Superclass of the present class.

Get the value of a configuration parameter.

Parameters:name (str) – The name of the parameter.
Returns:value (None) – The value of the parameter.


If the value is a floating point value then that value is typecast to the desired precision.