magni.cs.phase_transition._util moduleΒΆ

Module providing the public function of the magni.cs.phase_transition subpackage.

magni.cs.phase_transition._util.determine(algorithm, path, label='default', overwrite=False, pre_simulation_hook=None)[source]ΒΆ

Determine the phase transition of a reconstruction algorithm.

The phase transition is determined from a number of monte carlo simulations on a delta-rho grid for a given problem suite.

  • algorithm (function) – A function handle to the reconstruction algorithm.
  • path (str) – The path of the HDF5 database where the results should be stored.
  • label (str) – The label assigned to the phase transition (the default is ‘default’).
  • overwrite (bool) – A flag indicating if an existing phase transition should be overwritten if it has the same path and label (the default is False).
  • pre_simulation_hook (callable) – A handle to a callable which should be run just before the call to the reconstruction algorithm (the default is None, which implies that no pre hook is run).

See also
The actual simulation.
The actual phase determination.


The pre_simulation_hook may be used to setup the simulation to match the specfic simulation parameters, e.g. if an oracle estimator is used in the reconstruction algorithm. The pre_simulation_hook takes one argument which is the locals() dict.


An example of how to use this function is provided in the examples folder in the cs-phase_transition.ipynb ipython notebook file.