Source code for magni.cs.phase_transition._util

    Copyright (c) 2014-2017, Magni developers.
    All rights reserved.
    See LICENSE.rst for further information.

Module providing the public function of the magni.cs.phase_transition


from __future__ import division
import os
import re
import types

from magni.cs.phase_transition import _analysis
from magni.cs.phase_transition import _simulation
from magni.utils.multiprocessing import File as _File
from magni.utils.validation import decorate_validation as _decorate_validation
from magni.utils.validation import validate_generic as _generic
from magni.utils.validation import validate_numeric as _numeric

[docs]def determine(algorithm, path, label='default', overwrite=False, pre_simulation_hook=None): """ Determine the phase transition of a reconstruction algorithm. The phase transition is determined from a number of monte carlo simulations on a delta-rho grid for a given problem suite. Parameters ---------- algorithm : function A function handle to the reconstruction algorithm. path : str The path of the HDF5 database where the results should be stored. label : str The label assigned to the phase transition (the default is 'default'). overwrite : bool A flag indicating if an existing phase transition should be overwritten if it has the same path and label (the default is False). pre_simulation_hook : callable A handle to a callable which should be run *just* before the call to the reconstruction algorithm (the default is None, which implies that no pre hook is run). See Also -------- : The actual simulation. : The actual phase determination. Notes ----- The `pre_simulation_hook` may be used to setup the simulation to match the specfic simulation parameters, e.g. if an oracle estimator is used in the reconstruction algorithm. The `pre_simulation_hook` takes one argument which is the locals() dict. Examples -------- An example of how to use this function is provided in the `examples` folder in the `cs-phase_transition.ipynb` ipython notebook file. """ @_decorate_validation def validate_input(): _generic('algorithm', 'function') _generic('path', 'string') _generic('label', 'string') # regular expression matching invalid characters match ='[^a-zA-Z0-9 ,.\-_/]', label) if match is not None: msg = 'The value of >>label<<, {!r}, may not contain {!r}.' raise RuntimeError(msg.format(label, # regular expression matching labels without empty path components match ='^([^/]+/)*[^/]+$', label) if match is None: msg = "The value of >>label<<, {!r}, may not contain '' folders." raise RuntimeError(msg.format(label)) _numeric('overwrite', 'boolean') if (pre_simulation_hook is not None and not callable(pre_simulation_hook)): raise RuntimeError('The >>pre_simulation_hook<< must be callable') validate_input() if os.path.isfile(path): with _File(path, 'a') as f: if '/' + label in f: if overwrite: f.remove_node('/' + label, recursive=True) else: raise IOError("{!r} already uses the label {!r}." .format(path, label)), path, label, pre_simulation_hook=pre_simulation_hook), label)