magni.cs.reconstruction.amp package

Subpackage providing implementations of Approximate Message Passing (AMP).

Routine listings

Configger providing configuration options for this subpackage.
Module providing AMP threshold operators.
run(y, A)
Run the AMP reconstruction algorithm.
Module providing AMP stop criteria.
Module providing AMP utilities.


An implementation of the Donoho, Maleki, Montanari (DMM) AMP using soft thresholding from [1] is provided with threshold options as specified in [2].

The implementation allows for using custom thresholding functions and stop criteria.


[1]D. L. Donoho, A. Maleki, and A. Montanari, “Message-passing algorithms for compressed sensing”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 106, no. 45, p. 18914-18919, Nov. 2009.
[2]A. Montanari, “Graphical models concepts in compressed sensing” in Compressed Sensing: Theory and Applications, Y. C. Eldar and G. Kutyniok (Ed.), Cambridge University Press, ch. 9, pp. 394-438, 2012.