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    Copyright (c) 2014-2017, Magni developers.
    All rights reserved.
    See LICENSE.rst for further information.

Module providing input/output functionality for stored phase transitions.

Routine listings
load_phase_transition(path, label='default')
    Load the coordinates of a phase transition from a HDF5 file.


from __future__ import division

import numpy as np

from magni.utils.multiprocessing import File as _File
from magni.utils.validation import decorate_validation as _decorate_validation
from magni.utils.validation import validate_generic as _generic
from magni.utils.validation import validate_numeric as _numeric

[docs]def load_phase_transition(path, label='default', delta=None): """ Load the coordinates of a phase transition from a HDF5 file. This function is used to load the phase transition from the output file generated by `magni.cs.phase_transition.determine`. Parameters ---------- path : str The path of the HDF5 file where the phase transition is stored. label : str The label assigned to the phase transition (the default is 'default'). delta : ndarray The undersampling ratio values to use (the default is None which implies that a uniform spacing of values in the interval (0,1] is assumed.) Returns ------- delta : ndarray The delta values of the phase transition points. rho : ndarray The rho values of the phase transition points. See Also -------- magni.cs.phase_transition.determine : Phase transition determination. magni.cs.phase_transition.plotting : Phase transition plotting. Examples -------- An example of how to use this function is provided in the `examples` folder in the `cs-phase_transition.ipynb` ipython notebook file. """ @_decorate_validation def validate_input(): _generic('path', 'string') _generic('label', 'string') _numeric('delta', ('floating', 'integer'), range_='[0;1]', shape=(-1,), ignore_none=True) @_decorate_validation def validate_output(): _numeric('rho', ('floating', 'integer'), range_='[0;1]', shape=(-1,)) _numeric('delta', ('floating', 'integer'), range_='[0;1]', shape=rho.shape) validate_input() with _File(path, 'r') as f: rho = f.get_node('/' + label + '/phase_transition')[:] if delta is None: delta = np.linspace(0, 1, len(rho) + 1)[1:] validate_output() return (delta, rho)